What story are you choosing to tell yourself?

When I first came up with the idea to start my own business I cannot tell you how many times I got in my own way. I would have these great ideas of things I could do and then within 48 hours I had gone from feeling excited to despondent.

I would often tell myself stories like..

"This is far too risky, I am going to end up broke and stressing over my bills each month"
"It will never work out, I am just not that kind of person"
"Things are fine as they are, I am greedy for wanting more."
"What do I know about starting a business"
"I am never going to make enough money as customers are going to run out"
"I've spent ages building this career and I am insane to throw it all away"
"There will be a better time to start and I will just wait until then"
"It's all too risky and scary and someone else has probably done it anyway"

Sound familiar? The good thing about telling ourselves these stories is that we get to keep ourselves small. We get to put off the uncomfortable feelings that come up when we connect to what we really want and start growing. These stories allow us to convince ourselves that we are safe and that we will realise the dream one day but it's just not the time right now. It's the classic lie we buy into... that we can satiate that part of ourselves that is lost, depleted, empty by dreaming but the reality is that it will be kept as a dream as long as we don't take action.

So my challenge to you is to look at what you are telling yourself differently. 

Look at everything I have listed above - it is all based on fear. How do I know it won't work out? That I am throwing something away? That I will be broke? Look at the illusion I was buying into - something I had created to try and keep risks at bay. To con myself I was safe.

The thing is the truth is hidden behind all these things we tell ourselves about why we can't go after what we want. 

The truth is that we need to change the story. To start picking a different way of looking at things to transform our lives. This is where the big change happened for me... look at how I changed the story I was telling myself by choosing to believe these statements instead...

"I am so committed to making this a success, I won't stop until it is"
"I can and I will watch me"
"Things are fine and that is the problem. They are mediocre. My soul is so deflated that I constantly feel like something is missing. I am in groundhog day and it is taking it's toll. I know I deserve more."
"I am going to find out how to build a successful business and get help wherever I can. I will pay for the best coaches and mentors and learn from them"
"I am going to make so much money and this is what i am going to do with it"
"My career experience is not going anywhere. I will use it in my business."
"I only get one life, I am going to make the most of it and at least I will know I tried"
"It's an exciting time. I celebrate the fact it makes me feel uncomfortable because it shows I am growing. I am doing something I want."

Now, I cannot stress this with more urgency. Please stop choosing to tell yourself the fear based story. Recognise that you can be, do and have anything you want. You just need to start telling yourself a different story - challenge your self-limiting beliefs.

Step up, step up, step up. Not in a week, not when you have another bonus but now.

Caroline Britton