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From Fear to Founder 8 week program


I get it. That feeling where you’ve worked for years in a corporate job & it’s just not doing it for you. But it’s more that isn’t it? You’ve always wanted to set up your own business & somehow you haven’t got round to it. And now time seems to be moving fast & you are consumed by fear & it’s making you feel trapped, stuck & exhausted. You really want to make a change but you are just too terrified to do anything about it. How will you pay the bills? Aren’t you throwing away a career you’ve worked so hard for it? Besides it’s not that bad – there are good things about your corporate role… the money, the people, the security, the status…

But then if you are honest with yourself, it is that bad. Your confidence has shrunk, your spark has gone, that risk taking part of you seems to have deserted you & its’s starting to impact all areas of your life. You are starting to not speak on conference calls where you could of, you feel that everyone is brighter/more successful/more together than you. You feel like you are stuck in Groundhog Day & doing something that you never truly wanted. You veer between being restless & unable to switch off to being annoyed with everyone. You feel like you are running out of time & you’ve got no idea what you can do about it.

I get it. I’ve been there & I understand because I felt that way too. I know that awful feeling where you just can’t see how you can make the leap to something so uncertain.

The thing is. I did make the leap. I felt all those things you do & I did it anyway. I’ve gone straight through the fear [Who am I without my corporate role? What if I don’t make any money? Where do I even start?] and I’ve come out the other side.

Its been the best risk I’ve ever taken.

I pick my kids up at 3 p.m. I run a six figure coaching business. I am full of beans & I am loving it.

Truth be told I want everyone to feel like I do. To feel liberated, positive, energised & proud.

My 8 week intensive program, From Fear to Founder, is designed to do just that. It will show you how to move through the fear & get your mindset in the most amazing place so you can set up your business as quickly & effectively as possible. All fluff & fillers have been taken out & this course is extremely thorough with proven results. It is totally results orientated with content I’ve seen work time & again. You will learn how to:

Get past the fear & become confident & resilient

Get your mindset right so everything feel possible

Plan your finances & get an amazing money mindset

Practically set up a business – from insurances, finances, website & logistics

Design & Implement a 1-3-5 year plan

Breakdown goals into achievable monthly chunks

Plan for & negotiate your resignation [as well as the emotions that come up]

Create a website, brand, attract your five star client & tap into your existing network 

Have access to a group of like minded women who are in the same position as you

Get focused with  time management & prioritisation techniques

Create a written commitment to your plan going forwards

The 8 week program will also give you access to:

Weekly calls covering 8 different modules

An additional weekly Q & A call

Access to a mindset coach

Access to a website & marketing expert [hired by me externally & included in the course program]

Access to a luxury PR consultancy [hired by me externally & included in the course program]

Clear homework so you can get results straight out of the gate

A supportive community of women on the same path as you [and with the same fears]

This program is absolutely not a get rick quick scheme. This is an 8 week results driven  program where you will work through mindset blocks & put in the work to get your business off the ground. There are weekly assignments & to get the most from this course you must show up 100% committed. No poor me or victim mentality. You must have a desire for change & a commitment to working hard to get there.

If you are willing to turn up coachable & put in the work then you WILL get results & quickly. I am going to hold your hand through all of it & get you to the other side.

Before we talk about price we need to have a call to establish if you are a good fit for the program & vice versa.  Please note about 30% of applicants will not make it into the program.

So how do you know if this program is right for you?

You have always wanted to set up your own business but have been too scared to do it.

You are wondering how you move past the fear & where to even start.

You are full of fear that you are leaving the financial security of the corporate world.

You are fed up of feeling flat, stuck, hemmed in & that your light is diminishing.

You want to have a business where it works for you & not the other way round

You want total freedom to do things like meet friends for coffee or choose to pick up your kids from school.

You have a burning desire to really light up & live the life you want.

You are committed to putting the work into a system that has been proven to work & quickly.

So, let’s do this… if you are ready to then I am. To book in a call please click here….

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I can’t wait to talk & get your business started.

Caroline x