The secret behind changing your life

Three years ago I was struggling, in all senses of the word. I was in a job which was zapping me of any confidence, I was working 8 - 6:30 p.m. and was spending nearly all my salary on a nanny. I was disconnected from myself and bickering with my husband and I was always busy. Busy being busy. My head was full of thoughts about how stuck I was, how much I was disappointed in myself, how much I had let myself down. To be honest, I was unravelling. 

I had anxiety around going on conference calls, I was hugely lacking in confidence, there were tears as another pay rise passed me by, guilt around my kids and a feeling of exasperation that I could never get my salary up to where I wanted it to be. I felt I had little options but to stay and settle for a career that I had worked so hard for. 

Now fast forward three years and things look totally different - everything from my day to day life, bank balance, contentment levels and my relationships are completely different. But bear with me, this is not an opportunity for me to cite all my achievements and to parade how happy I am with my life. This is to offer up the meaning behind what I think is the way to really change your life. To get you all to see that real change is possible and you can be, do or have anything you want but you ALWAYS have to start with the inner work. If you want to change the way things look in your life you have to start inside. There is no short cut for this, no easy pass. 

This is THE MOST important thing you must know if you are looking to change your life. You must first navigate through your internal world. 

This is the thing that people don’t always tell you. This is the secret that sits behind these seemingly overnight success stories, this is what sits behind the money, success, freedom. We so want to change the way things look externally - more money, more success, more time with the kids, more happiness, more validation but it is always done from the inside out.

And the internal work is hard. It can be slow, frustrating, repetitive. We have spent years of our life being conditioned by society, our parents, our teachers, our peers. We have spent years applying labels to the way we view ourselves, money, successful people, rich people and to strip that all away hurts. In fact it can feel like free falling. These self-limiting beliefs about why you can’t do what you want are not true - its a reality you have created to protect yourself. Those fears about money, not being successful at going after a new venture, all the reasons you can’t - they are just lies you tell yourself. It’s simply not true - there are always ways. It’s just we know, our ego knows, that the real way forwards is to look within and it takes a lot of bravery to do that.

So, what about you? How much do you want that change? To live the life you really want? To set up that business?

If you want it enough then you will look within. You will work through your thoughts, emotions, mind and de-weed anything that no longer serves you. You will re-condition your mind to see opportunities and not blocks. 

This is exactly why I get such transformational results for my clients. They know that I will only work with them if they do the internal work first. If they are prepared to let me help them go within. So if you are ready then I want to help you.

I have just opened up my next Fear to Founder 8 week program and I am looking to serve people who feel like they are ready to do this internal work whilst setting up a business. Who will let me help them navigate through their internal worlds and get them out the other side.

A client recently wrote to me and said “I don’t know how you’ve done it. How you’ve made this impact to my life, it’s really taken me by surprise” and I reply as I always do…. The impact was because she was prepared to look within, to do the internal work and to show up.

So my question to you is are you ready to show up?

If so my 8 week Fear to Founder Program starts Monday 17th June. Cost from £3000. If you are interested in applying please email me at Applications are now open.

Caroline Britton