Struggling to let go of resentment?

Are you struggling to let something go? 

We’ve all heard the quote - “Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” That said, we often find it so difficult to let go of anger and bitterness towards people - whether it is someone who has wronged up, hurt us, let us down, slighted us… the list goes on.

So many of us go around thinking about things that people have done wrong to us, even down to the petty annoyances of people who we don’t know dismissing us, being rude and so on. It is astonishing how much time we and our ego spend in trying to rationalise why we are right and they are wrong.

I had it recently. I got a dressing down from a Mum at the school gates as I was picking up my son about having my car engine on [I am resisting the urge to write about why I had my engine on in the first place as I know this would be my ego talking.] I was really annoyed about it. I felt patronised and thought she was way out of line. What started as a muttering of annoyance turned into me stewing on it and before I knew it I was becoming more and more incensed at the way I had been spoken to. Within an hour it started to affect my energy, my physiology [scrunched up shoulders, tight neck] and started taking over my thoughts. I even started running over things I might say back - you know the witty one liners we never think about at the time.

Now I realise that this is a VERY trivial example and there are proper things that people do to us that can seem unforgivable but I want you to think about this. Look at the difference something small made to me that day… now imagine it was something much bigger… imagine me growing that annoyance, that sense of injustice and then starting to be consumed by it. Becoming so consumed by it that I forget it is part of my existence that simply isn’t supposed to be there.

So let’s come to you. Think about someone you are angry with and think about how it is affecting you. Not them, but you. Think about the space and energy it takes up. Think about how familiar that negativity has come to feel and think about what it must be doing to you. Think about whether it is you that is suffering or the person you are angry at. Does it make any difference to them that you harbour this against them? They are not living in your body, mind and soul so I doubt it.

So if you are ready to make a shift. To create some space in your life and energy for better things to come in then read my top tips for releasing resentment below. These things are game changers! That is the thing with energy - when we shift the bad stuff it makes room for much better things, people, abundance and opportunities to flow in. It is not easy to do but so very worth it.

Ready to let go of resentment?

  1. Make a list of everyone you are angry with and why? How did they make you feel? When did you decide they get the power to validate if you or are not something? Why do they get control over how you feel?

  2. Go into meditation and one at a time imagine taking them into a room. They don’t speak but you tell them exactly how they made you feel - you shout and scream [in your head usually but up to you] and then you carry on getting everything off your chest until you have finished. You then say “i pass this back to you” and walk out of the room. Continue with everyone on your list.

  3. Write down all your resentments about a person, read it and then repeat the words “I love you, thank you, I forgive you, I release you.”

  4. Bring that person back to you and see them in a different light - as vulnerable. See their behaviour as them being in pain and love them for it anyway.

  5. Physically move it out of you - exercise, shout, stamp your feet and allow all that trapped negative energy to be released

  6. Try Reiki - explain to the Reiki master what is going on and ask for their help

  7. Repeat “I will see this person and situation with love. I deserve to feel at peace with them.”

  8. Read Louise Hay - you can heal your life - she gives some amazing examples of what you can do to heal your life and the difference it has made to her

Let me know how you get on.

Sending you love,

Caroline xx

Caroline Britton