The 5 things you need to know before you leave your job....


Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? If only we all had a crystal ball that could tell us it is all going to be okay when we take the plunge from the corporate world and decide to set up on our own. 

The thing is we never do know it is going to be okay until after we do it, until we take that leap of faith. It’s something I often reflect on. When I was sitting at my desk in the corporate world feeling terrified about what was going to happen if I gave up my so called security, I just wanted someone to tell me it what going to be ok. That going with my gut [when my head was shouting NO!!!] was not insane. Someone to say ‘It’s okay… it’s going to work out.” 

I remember the pendulum of emotions from feeling euphoric at the thought  of leaving to utterly consumed and paralysed by the fear of actually taking the leap. I sometimes go back to that me who was sitting there and thank her that she didn’t give into the fear and she took the leap anyway. I sometimes think about what I would have missed out on if I had given into the fear…. how I would still be stuck in a job that didn’t do it for me anymore [feeling stuck and unfulfilled] rather than experiencing all the amazing things I have done [in all areas] since leaving.

I often see it with my clients… that moment when they know they have to take that giant leap of faith and they just need some reassurance. So if this is you… if you are coming into 2019 and know you have to take the leap then let me be that voice of reassurance. Let me tell you what I’ve learnt in the hope it can help you too.

1. The very act of taking the leap is success. We get so caught up in the thought of failing that we don’t recognise that the very act of resigning and going it alone, of following our dreams is success in itself. You actually did it - you took the risk. What we don’t see is that stalling because you fear failure will guarantee it. You will fail because you never took the risk to start with.

2. It gets A LOT easier after you resign. Yes REALLY. It’s the moments before we decide to leave our job that are the hardest. The what if’s are panic inducing. The time we spent trying to gently peer over the cliff rather than running at great steam over it. It’s like trying to gently pick off a band aid - it hurts. Once you have done that vomit inducing moment of handing in your notice - it is done! The decision is made and you just have to get on with it. All that head space that is taken up with fear of whether you are doing the right thing clears and you have a new focus on going forwards.

3. When you take the plunge and resign you are announcing to the universe you are so serious about your business venture that you’ve done the scariest thing in it’s pursuit. You will then be amazed at how much it conspires to help you. If you focus steadfastly on what you want [and most importantly how it makes you feel] then you will be amazed at who and what comes out to help you. Watch closely - there will be signs and opportunities everywhere

4. Setting up a business triggers a WHOLE lot of mindset issues. You must work [or get help] on your self-limiting beliefs. Work and work on your mindset - it will be the BEST thing you can do for your business. For me, there was a really defining moment in my business. I was working with my coach and telling her that I couldn’t get my business over the threshold amount I had earnt in my corporate job. She told me there was a clearly a mindset block and I came to realise that I had equated all this joy I felt with having my own business with a trade off. My subconscious believed I could never have a business I love and earn more money. It took a lot of work but after I did it the next month my business turnover tripled. Mindset time works. Always spend time and money on shifting your blocks… your business is never going to outperform your mindset.

5. You can do it. REALLY YOU CAN. Everything you need is inside you. It might feel scary but what if you think you actually can? What if you get comfortable with uncomfortable for a while? What if it does work out? Imagine how awesome life will be then…

Wishing you all a wonderful run up to Christmas and an adventurous and joy filled 2019!

With love

Caroline xx

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