Yearly VIP Package PLUS Ibiza retreat

I have opened up 4 spots only to work exclusively with me on a 121 basis for a whole year. This is insanely powerful soul led coaching using my extremely strong intuition and business background. The results I get are epic so this intense an amount of coaching is going to be utterly magical.

During the year you will get:-

2 x 121 sessions every month - so 24 X 121 sessions in total

A 2 day retreat with me in Ibiza [as seen in the pictures] alongside the 7 other awesome yearly VIP’s

The retreat will give you a total mind, body & soul makeover like you've never seen before

Voice, text & email support between sessions

PLUS the leading UK trainer Niko Algieri will come to Ibiza and train you

You will get access to my team, spiritual coach & reiki Master

A money mindset overhaul on an extremely deep level

Soul led coaching with proven epic results

Soul teaching guidance, expansion and healing

A total energetic uplevelling

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 16.59.54.png

What do some of Caroline’s clients say?

"Caroline is changing lives, the results are remarkable"

"For anyone thinking of working with Caroline, I have two words. Do it"

"I am a different person from the one who met Caroline... I always value ehr insights & her brilliant mind"

"Total magic maker. This is the kind of weird & magical stuff you can expect working with Caroline"

The cost of the VIP Package includes 24 X 121 sessions, a year of support, access to Caroline’s team and the Ibiza retreat is £925.75 per month