Work with me and be coached at a different level….


If you’ve landed here you are probably already considering what impact coaching with me could have on your life. Let me tell you, HUGE! My coaching gets epic results and I am in awe at the progress my clients make.

Coaching with me is not just any coaching. Fusing my 14 years of consultancy experience with my intuitive gift I am able to tap straight to the core of your blocks and get you to recognise and move through them quickly. The results are remarkable, or as my clients love to say “life changing.”

During our sessions I will help you:

  • Recognise and move past your blocks to a place of absolute clarity by up-levelling your mindset and your energetic frequency

  • Work through money issues, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, procrastination, anger, and uncertainty

  • Formulate and implement a plan to move forwards towards your dreams, goals and aspirations

  • Teach you how to get more in tune with the universe and harness the magic available to all of us

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Rachel, Coaching Client

“Well what can I say – except that I am a different person today to the one who first met Caroline. Her ability to understand who you are, what you need and the dream that you are striving for makes her a joy to work with.  I always find value in her insights, her brilliant mind & honesty about the hard work that you need to put in – but this is all delivered with genuine feeling, a necessary sense of humour and a proven passion for helping people get the life they want. Thank you for being on my team”

The ways in which you can work with Caroline


The Soul Circle

Feeling a draw that you cannot explain to know more about your true soul’s calling? Ready to harness the power of the Universe? Feeling you are becoming more spiritual but want to learn more? Keen to harness the magic available to all of us and create the most abundant life you can?

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January 2020 Soul Circle Retreat

This is a chance to become part of my Soul Circle retreat taking place 17-19 January 2020. A spiritual soul led retreat with a difference. During this retreat I will be healing you, teaching you and coaching you to move you into a place of alignment and trust & flow. We will be getting you to reconnect with your soul & I will be showing you how you can harness the power of the universe yourself.

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Fear to Founder Business Start Up Program

You’ve always wanted to set up your own business but somehow you never get round to it. Time is flying by but you're consumed by fear. Let me get you past all those mindset blocks and give you all the business and emotional tools you need to get your business up and off the ground. Join my renowned business & mindset start up program and start transforming your life now.

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1-2-1 Coaching Sessions


These sessions are tailored to exactly what you need and can cover everything from gaining clarity, working through mindset, money & confidence issues, business strategy, overwhelm and so much more.

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The Yearly VIP Package including a 2 night Ibiza retreat


A yearly magical, life transforming package including a retreat at a luxury villa in Ibiza for just 8 of my VIP clients]. Includes 24 X 121 sessions with me, access to my team, intense yearly support and so much more. Find out more by emailing

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I am so unbelievably happy I worked with you - I was feeling lost and majorly lacking motivation. Working with you has been everything & more, I feel like a brand new human and I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for being brilliant & so supportive. I cannot wait to start a new chapter... your coaching has changed my life
— Kate
For anyone out there considering working with Caroline I have two words for you; do it
— Amy