Do you feel totally disconnected from who you are? Are you desperate to expand your soul & connect to the real you?

Are you feeling depleted? Unkind to yourself? Lost? Frazzled? Unfulfilled? Anxious? Sad? Empty?

If so this is your soul asking for your attention. Not sure where to start? I will be your guide & show you how to transform your current feelings into joy, abundance, clarity & fulfilment. Using my strong intuition & healing ability we can completely transform where you & your life.

I will be using techniques that have changed mine & my client's lives & they can do the same for you.

I sometimes joke that Caroline might be controlling the universe. The results are remarkable.


+You can be in a professional role, at a career or life crossroads or generally having a wobble

+You must be prepared to do the work on yourself - the external benefits come when we do the internal work

+You need to be coachable, decisive & ready to take action

+You must be open minded. This is not woo woo central but it is about being open to a world beyond what your ego has conditioned you to think

+You must be ready to own your change [no poor me's] and to put the work in [I will show you how]

+Someone who is supportive, kind & wanting to raise their soul's expansion for the greater good of them & the people around them



I don't believe there is a co-incidence why this program or I have found my way to you. Things often appear when we are ready for them.

Having spent 14 years working for a global management consultancy in London I wore a cloak of many things I was not for years. Although it served me well with career progression I was left feeling empty, lost, anxious & full of self-critical beliefs. It was a universal gift in the form of being emotionally, physically & spiritually broke & signed off from work that life transformed for me.

I have since gone on to resign, build a successful coaching business & allowed my spiritual gift to shine. I have transformed my life & the life of my clients. The reason? I have implemented & used the 8 pillars to soul fulfilment that I teach in this program.

What started as me coaching people on business, mindset & core beliefs has gone into something much deeper & more profound. I have been able to harness my gift to & I've seen the results it gets. When I sit with people I have an ability to be able to feel what they feel. It’s a hard thing to articulate but it goes beyond empathy. I can somehow get a read (extremely strong gut feel) on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present me with and understand the true essence of them. It’s like I can go straight to them at a soul level. The person they really are and what they are supposed to be. It has a rather bizarre name of clairsentient but in essence I can tune into exactly what the person needs, the words to articulate it and the experiences that have led to it. It comes to me as a strong feeling and a kind of inner knowing about what that person needs and who they really are.

In all honesty it’s a spine tingling experience. It is something I have been compelled to share & bring into a soul led program so that people like you can make the change they really want.

You don't need to be worrying about this being all hugging trees with chanting & incense sticks. This is soul work with a difference. Yes it is intuition led but it's practical. I use the practical, logical, strategic part of my brain [from my corporate background] and let it implement what my soul tells me your soul needs. It's spirituality meets getting some serious stuff done. It's an intuition led way of coaching & it gets epic results.

We let the soul & not the ego lead & that is when it makes all the difference.


What is included in the program?

Using my clairsentient abilities, we are going to tap into the real you [behind the conditioning] & uncover what you really want & need & have to let go of to get you there.

This mastermind is a combination of group calls, online content and 1-2-1 sessions over 8 weeks so you can make progress & quickly.

We are going to cover the 8 pillars of total soul transformation: -

1. Discovering your I AM core beliefs [1-2-1*]

2. Replacing fear with focusing on what you do want

3. Letting go of anger, jealousy, resentment & discord to create the relationships you want

4. Money & your mindset [1-2-1*]

5. Working with the ego

6. Self care, prioritisation & balance

7. The power of your imagination

8. Visualisation & Manifestation [1-2-1]*

* Modules starred means a group call + a tailored 1-2-1 session so I can tap into you energetically & shift blocks


What other bonuses are included?

+ Online content & Exercises

+ 8 group calls with Q and A

+ 3 X 1-2-1 sessions for bespoke energy work

+ 1-2-1 with my soul transformation coach

+ 1-2-1 with my Reiki Master - dependent on location

+ Bespoke affirmations based on our first 1-2-1 session that works straight at the soul level

+ A soul, money, core belief makeover

+ Access to a group of supportive women

+ A clearance of all your old self limiting beliefs about you, the world, relationships, money, past hurt so you can connect back to you and live a happier & more fulfilled life

+ Clearing blockages

+ Tools to run your life so you are mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually abundant

If you are interested in going on my waitlist for the next enrolment then please email me at

I am so unbelievably happy I worked with you - I was feeling lost and majorly lacking motivation. Working with you has been everything & more, I feel like a brand new human and I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for being brilliant & so supportive. I cannot wait to start a new chapter... your coaching has changed my life!
— Kate