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I spent 5 years dreaming about starting a business of an idea that I had in my head that seemed to grow all the time. It was just when I had finally decided to take the leap and leave my career of 15 years, which had served me so well but never left me feeling fulfilled that I was introduced to Caroline. The timing was perfect, she was exactly what I needed! The problem was I didn’t really know where to start and definitely underestimated the importance of mindset which I realise now is the foundation for everything in life. As soon as I spoke to Caroline I knew she was what I needed at a point when I felt quite alone and unsure of where to turn or what to do first. With a background in finance and business I had a strong sense of what I needed to do, it was the how that I was finding hard to overcome. Caroline gave me support, guidance and toolkit at a critical time in my business start up journey that I believe has helped me gain momentum and set up me up for a successful future.

I was concerned about the investment as I had never done anything like this before and most definitely did not see the full value in the mindset work; I was so wrong! I had totally underestimated how much my mindset needed reinforcing and how I needed tools to deal with each step and challenge a start up business involves facing and overcoming. Caroline gave me this and literally helped with so much baggage I didn’t even realise was affecting the way I was approaching my business start up. It has been transformational in so many ways for me as a person and as a professional business woman starting a business.

Caroline is incredibly intuitive and has a way of seeing everything through simplified vision. She can identify the root cause to a problem, break it down and establish steps to a solution. All articulated in a way that makes it seem so simple! She has an energy that is encouraging and motivating and works very hard with her clients, completely understanding both the needs of you as an individual and your business. She will deal with any issue you come up with and help you through any challenge.

The course is well laid out and whilst it gives you an incredible amount of momentum across the full breadth of what is involved in starting or developing a business. The toolkit that you are provided with is something that I know I will return to time and time again in the future. There is a huge amount of content and it really helps you focus and prioritise on doing rather than perfection.

The course structure works really well and allows you get support of experts but also see what other people are doing and join each other on the journey, for me this was incredibly enlightening, that we all have challenges and no one has all the answers but it is how you work through the issues you face that will define you.

Absolutely loved it, this course changed me as a person and my life and views on it in a very unexpected way. I have had comments from friends and family as to the visible positive effect that the time spent doing this course. I am calmer, more focused and undoubtedly fixed on the success my business will have.

I never doubted I’d made the right decision from the moment I committed to it. I don't think anybody can help you prepare, challenge and execute like Caroline, she is one in a million.

I feel well equipped to be able to handle the challenging road of business start up ahead.

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Marie’s story, FROM client account manager tO madeline maker

“Before the course I doubted my idea, wasn't sure where to start and even if I really wanted to go for it convinced that I was just a joke and a fraud trying to have it all. My self-limiting beliefs were huge (although I was not aware of them), I was unkind to myself and felt I had nothing special and of interest to people.

The course transformed me and my life. By starting working on the mindset you put aside or, at least, identify all the possible blocks that come up. You see more clearly where your focus needs to be. Today, after the 8 week program, I have a brand, social media accounts, have done a private event, got in touch with a chef to work with and nearly ready to launch my e-shop!! But mainly, I know I can do it. I know that fear is part of the process and it is what makes you grow massively. You also have access to marketing and PR specialists and the group format is extremely useful as we learn from each other and share our highs and lows. the other ladies became very special to me and we are still in touch!!

Caroline is insightful, resourceful and available anytime you need her. You are such a gem Caroline !"

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“Caroline’s coaching changed my life”

Being a part of the Fear to Founder program has been absolutely life changing for me! I had my doubts initially (which is probably why I was the ideal candidate for this really!) but I can't describe the difference it has had to my mindset and whole approach to life. Working with Caroline has helped me tackle so many blocks and issues that I've had for years and it has helped me open up to a world of opportunity and possibility, that I didn't think existed!  

The course is so supportive and engaging that it doesn't even feel like hard work - the content is really enjoyable, the group calls are so full of positive energy and Caroline is an absolute dream to work with. I have taken on board so many tools, techniques and advice that has really given me the confidence to get my business up and running, and I'm so excited for what the future holds!

Thank you Caroline, you have helped me get my 'glow' back xxx

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“The Fear to Founder program has honestly been quite transformational. In fact the last 48 hours I think I've finally bounced out the other side and am now committed to leaving my job at the end of April (if I can last that long!) and have finally seen what I'm doing as a business not just a hobby. For me my biggest blockers have been mindset related (fear not of doing this - as it's something I'm passionate about - but fear of not being able to make it pay financially). So to get to grips with that, to really deliver into what those issues were and how to work through them and have the ability now to manage them when they surface again, has been a game changer for me. I feel like I've just elevated myself and my confidence way beyond where I was. I'm now pushing myself to do things I wouldn't have had the balls to do before. It helped me identify my strengths, how I can build on those and how those are my USPs. But aside from the mindset work (which I actually believe is fundamental to everything) there is the planning, goal setting, branding help (defining what you stand for, developing an identity and values that you run everything in your business by), PR support - there is just so much! I won't lie I'm in slight overwhelm by the content to work through but I know I have all the ingredients to plan for the next 5 years and beyond and I'm crystal clear on my goals and priorities for the next 12 months. Caroline helped break it all down into manageable chunks. And when she says she's available throughout the course, she really means that - email, phone support, she's there. She really knows her stuff - she is hugely intuitive and has a 6th sense for getting to the root of things.

Honestly, I can't believe the progress I've made in 8 weeks. I know without it I probably wouldn't have got to this stage for another year or two and certainly not with such a firm foundation and supply of materials and exercises to fall back on!”



Amy’s story, FROM PA to VA coach

“Without doubt, signing up to From Fear to Founder was the best business decision I’ve made. I made more progress in the first week of the course than I had done in over a year on my own! The programme has such a great structure - a mixture of online course content, two weekly group calls and two 1:1 calls, as well as unlimited email access to Caroline. Even though there is a lot of work to do I never felt alone or unsupported, and I loved every minute of it.

I didn’t realise how important mindset is to your business until Caroline helped me work through the fears I had that were stopping me taking the next step. The 8 weeks were very enlightening and I now speak to myself in a completely different way. Im no longer so hard on myself for things I’ve done/haven’t done, and I’m finally proud when speaking about my business, rather than shying away from it.

I finished the programme with a fully launched course, boundless enthusiasm and overall a much more positive attitude. For anyone out there considering taking the programme I have two words for you: do it.”

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Alison’s STORY, FROM nurse to coach

Alison was at a crossroads in her career, having set up a successful reflexology business she was keen to move past her mindset blockers and set up an amazing wellbeing coaching business. Alison has made huge progress and has since enrolled paying clients, got clear on her market & pricing strategy, run amazing workshops and has a plan on what her next steps are. Alison writes “I am loving this program. It is so exciting to be in a group of great women, to learn from an awesome coach like Caroline and I absolutely LOVE being challenged by her and our tasks. Being helpfully challenged has been missing from my life for a while and to be fair there is not there’s not many people I’d take it from. Thanks for showing me it was completely the right thing to do to sign up!”

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TRINA’s STORY, from accountant to tech entrepreneur

Trina is a chartered accountant who having got to a senior level in her career was keen to put her idea for a universal Wishlist into action. Something she had been dreaming of for 5 years. Trina writes“You are an incredible person and I am so grateful I was introduced to you, you are literally changing my life. I am learning to be myself which is something I haven’t been to so many people for so long.”

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HELEN’S STORY, from comms manager to coach

“I first met with Caroline as my life was is meltdown. I was getting divorced, my career was stagnant, working in an industry that no longer interested me and I felt totally lost and insecure. It wasn’t a great place to be. Caroline and I talked about where I was now, where I wanted to be plus some of the things that worried me. We looked at how I spoke to myself, which quite frankly was shocking, and discussed my dreams and desires for my future life and self.

Caroline identified quickly that I am a doer, I like to be practical and move things forward wherever possible. Because of this she provided me with practical tips and advice to help me make some serious changes to my own self belief and outlook as to what was possible in my life.

It’s only been three months and already I’m feeling like a different person. I’m still me but so much is different….firstly and most significantly I now notice any negative chat and can halt that with the tools Caroline gave me. I feel more confident and am now pursuing a life that I have always dreamed off, I feel lighter, more focused, kinder on myself and those around me. I’m looking forward, I’m excited and feel incredibly happy most days. Lucky me!”

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“My business partner Katie and I took over our parents business back in 2015, which at the time was generating a small turnover of around £100k but we had big dreams!! We grew quicker than our wildest dreams and almost two years in we had still never lifted our heads up to look at the business or even consider what our goals were, as we were approaching the start of our third year. We knew we had to be brave. We knew we wanted to keep growing and that we needed to invest to get our infrastructure right, but we had no time or experience to make this happen.

Fate brought us to Caroline through various channels, but we were definitely destined to meet. We first had a meeting to thrash out where we were, where we wanted to be and how we thought we were going to get there. We realised then how chaotic we were both personally and as a business and to move forward we needed to get smarter and Caroline took on that challenge!!

She supported us with setting goals, assessing our finances, looking at our team – being brave to invest (sensibly), reviewing our archaic systems and processes and so much more. She taught us to collaborate and talk more, pushed us out of our comfort zones and empowered us to dream and set plans in place to make those dreams a reality.

Caroline had been a personal coach to us both. She has changed the way we work for the better in so many ways and also the way we think and see ourselves in business.

Our short term dreams are well on their way to coming true and the future is more exciting now than it has ever been.

We are so lucky to have worked with Caroline. Truly a miracle worker and an absolute joy to have as part of our team. Thank you so much for everything so far.”

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“With baby no.3 on the way I felt at a cross roads in my life. While still enjoying my job in Adland I felt I was missing out on time with the kids, that I was being stretched in numerous ways (time, finance, focus, family…) and that I’d also lost myself somewhere along the way. I knew I wanted a radical overhaul and to try and tap into some of the creativity I knew I once had. Her intuitive nature and realism meant she totally empathised and felt my frustrations. Working with Caroline helped get this all out in the open. A truly cathartic experience. Without really realising it my whole mindset has completely shifted. I feel more in tune with myself, have developed my (severely lacking) self belief and I am now embarking on a business venture of my own which I’m determined to make a success of during my maternity leave. A few months ago this would have been inconceivable but with Caroline’s support and understanding I truly believe I can do it. I’m still a work in progress but the shift has been transformational.”

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““Thank you!! It has been an amazing journey with you and the take away is immense. You are a shining star. Thank you so much for everything…..Working with Caroline was brilliant in so many respects. Not only is she an incredibly intuitive and emotional intelligent individual her approach to business solutions is both refreshing and incredible valuable. She has given me clarity on how to map out my future success and growth plans whilst also giving me new tools in which to deliver them. I cannot recommend Caroline and her services highly enough.”

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”As two best friends going into business there were a number of things to navigate. Six months into our new business journey we encountered some road blocks. As partners we weren’t always communicating freely and that led to both of us feeling compromised unnecessarily as we tried to please one another. Caroline helped us to understand what we needed to put in place to allow both of us to be happy in the workplace and she also helped us to understand where our strengths were, as we are both very different. We now embrace those strengths and our different roles within the business feeling no guilt about the tasks the other performs. Both of us have ownership of our roles and that has been a really positive step forward. Caroline’s style is warm and engaging and we throughly enjoyed the process.”

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“Caroline is the marvel I was looking for – I was at a stalling point in my career and contacted her in the hope she may be able to help. Right from the off she’s understood my muddled worries and has been brilliant at identifying the causes behind that and helping me focus on how to make positive changes for the future. What I love about her is how engaging she is and how just ‘gets’ what I am talking about – no waffling nonsense or hard-sell, just honest experience and advice.

I’ve been able to seize control of and feel confident enough to ask for what I want. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

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Pippa had been coaching with me for a while when she came in to my mastermind program for coaches. Pippa was qualifying to become a coach via Henley but wanted to get to grips on the practicalities of how you start to build a successful coaching business. Since joining Pippa has paying clients, a website, a business and marketing plan, a pricing structure and has started to really get her coaching business off the ground. Pippa writes “I want to recommend the Mastermind programme I’ve been through to build and grow my coaching business, complementing the PCIC really well. It is run by Caroline Britton and has given me the skills and confidence to get my company off the ground. Brilliant teaching, mindset support and tangible outcomes including business plan, marketing and communications, client focus, network and much more.”


SIMON DYSON, professional golfer

“You are so amazing at what you do.

I started working with Caroline 4 months ago, I was in a low place when we started and she made me realise very quickly how to change my normal habits from negative to being positive.

It totally transformed my thinking and now I am starting up my own business. I am very excited and feel happy again.

I couldn’t have done it without your help.”


Karen’s story

Before starting the course I had been running a successful business for a few years but it and life in general really wasn’t making me happy. I was just getting by. I’d lost direction, lost focus and didn’t really know what I wanted to be doing or why anymore.

Since completing the Fear to Founder programme with Caroline I cannot believe how much life has changed and in such a short amount of time. I have dealt with blocks from my past, that I didn’t even know were there. I've gained heaps of self confidence and I am genuinely excited about my future. Caroline is simply amazing. She has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what’s holding you back before you do! With her encouragement and support I know I’m going to finally realise my dreams, in fact I already am, living a life on my terms with a real sense of purpose and a clarity about my future that simply didn’t exist before.

For anyone who is wondering whether they should work with Caroline, the only answer is YES YES YES!