Salima's Story

“If you told me even a few months ago that I would be doing yoga multiple times a week in addition to other daily exercise, restructuring my career and business to make sure I really love and get fulfilment from what I do every day, and living a relatively busy, sociable, active life just two months after the break-up of a 6 year relationship - I would have told you to get your head read and then I probably would have called Caroline and asked her to help me save my relationship from failure.

And she would have said something incredibly infuriating and undoubtedly correct about the leaving it up to the universe and everything happening for a reason.

But since I actually started believing that and trying to work with it, the improvements in my life and well-being have been massive.

My default setting is resistance. So at first it sounded like I was being asked to leave my life up to fate and sit back and wait for miracles. But working with Caroline has gotten me to the point where I can see that what I need to do is align myself with the things that bring me joy both in work and outside, and then sit back and wait for miracles - knowing that the universe always has my back.

Even in the years of feeling lost before working with Caroline, the universe still had my back, constantly slapping me round the face with reminders that I wasn’t really living the life I wanted, and giving me back all the self-criticism, misery and catastrophising tenfold.

That was easy to accept compared to the realisation that this also can work in a positive way - if I can be brave and honest enough to do what truly brings me joy the universe magic kicks in and hands it to you on a plate and gives you the joy back tenfold.

It’s something I still have a lot of learned, subconscious resistance too - the recognition of which lets me be aware that I have the choice to keep working with the universe despite my egoic and logic driven resistance, and the choice to work regularly with Caroline is a huge part of sustaining this.

One of Caroline’s many gifts is that she can get you to figure out what truly brings you meaning and purpose even when you don’t think you deserve to know what it is, let alone live it. And it definitely helps that she’s got the universe on speed dial. 🧙‍♀🤯”

Karen Staniland-Platt