Sherine's Story


I stumbled on Caroline quite accidentally, I had no idea courses like hers even existed.  I have a small business that I keep saying I’d grow into something proper.  However by early February of this year, something jarred inside and I [finally] came to the realization I was spinning my wheels, procrastinating heavily and was going nowhere fast.  Not ideal.  Something else was going on, but that’s as far as I got.  Around that time, I met a very lovely and clever friend of mine for lunch and we got to discussing my problem.   She just so happened to be taking Caroline’s life-coaching course and pointed me in her direction.  On a complete whim, I contacted Caroline and signed up for the Fear to Founder class.  I’m just finishing up the course now and can’t emphasize how transformative it has been—motivating me professionally but also giving me much-needed clarity personally.  

I’d left a fast-paced and rewarding career in banking years ago after having my first son and then we moved to the Middle East for years so working had eased out of my life.  But I missed it, I knew I did… it was always something I thought I’d be doing.  Eventually, while living in Dubai, I somehow found myself founding a very small fabrics business sourcing textiles from india.  It was wonderful and gained traction, but it was really just a paid hobby involving some pretty great trips sourcing product.  I moved back to the UK 3 years ago and vowed to make my business “real”.  But against the backdrop of some pretty substantial life changes with moving back, I let time go by, wasn’t setting things up professionally and ultimately wasn’t brave enough to put myself out there to build it up.  That’s where I was when I started the Fear to Founder course.  

Caroline is inspiring.  Much of what I got out of the course and working with her was very inwardly-focused, though of course there has been an infinite supply of practical tools and action plans provided for a budding entrepreneur.  Through the varied exercises, conversations, and a lot of thinking and writing, I’ve discovered so much about what drove me in the past and what drives me today.  I uncovered what had specifically been holding me back… the baring feelings of not being good enough, caring too much what others thought of me, fearing failure on many levels.  Being able to specifically identify what was going on inside me was empowering enough in itself.  However, the really remarkable thing about the course, what sets it apart, is that I’ve gained the confidence to move forward with a fresh, liberated sense of purpose.  I feel like I’ve had a switch flick inside me and I can now see past worries or doubts as simply unnecessary and part of my history not my future.   It has been no small thing to feel free to see the infinite possibilities out there for me—and my business—and to feel capable and confident enough to pursue them.  Not sure how this lady does it, but no book in the world could accomplish what she does behind the scenes with her carefully curated course and what she does directly by sheer instinct and intuition.  Fear of “something” was behind everything that kept me from actively growing my business (and a few things in my general life!) and I don’t feel that anymore.  I feel like I trust myself to achieve the success I crave.

Everyone has their own reasons for being cautious or faltering a bit in aspects of life.  Without really noticing, my life had changed quite substantially over time.  Somehow I found myself in a place where I was coasting but not content—mistakenly thinking that shifting course was not really meant to happen.  But life IS a crooked path.  After spending these two months with Caroline and the other women on my course, it is unbelievably refreshing to feel again like the world is my oyster and to have a bit of a fire under me to see what the future holds.  There are moments of hesitation but they dissipate quickly.  There’s a huge c-change… where I recently felt far more anxious and fearful, now I feel ambitious, in control and most importantly, excited for what is to come.  

Anyone questioning potential choices in life, feeling like they might be spinning their wheels, the Fear to Founder course will move mountains for you.  And soon enough, you’ll be here writing about your life-changing experience and hoping it sinks in for those who read it.    

Caroline Britton