Vicky & Kate's Story


My business partner Katie and I took over our parents business back in 2015, which at the time was generating a small turnover of around £100k but we had big dreams!! We grew quicker than our wildest dreams and almost two years in we had still never lifted our heads up to look at the business or even consider what our goals were, as we were approaching the start of our third year. We knew we had to be brave. We knew we wanted to keep growing and that we needed to invest to get our infrastructure right, but we had no time or experience to make this happen.

Fate brought us to Caroline through various channels, but we were definitely destined to meet. We first had a meeting to thrash out where we were, where we wanted to be and how we thought we were going to get there. We realised then how chaotic we were both personally and as a business and to move forward we needed to get smarter and Caroline took on that challenge!!

She supported us with setting goals, assessing our finances, looking at our team – being brave to invest (sensibly), reviewing our archaic systems and processes and so much more. She taught us to collaborate and talk more, pushed us out of our comfort zones and empowered us to dream and set plans in place to make those dreams a reality.

Caroline had been a personal coach to us both. She has changed the way we work for the better in so many ways and also the way we think and see ourselves in business.

Our short term dreams are well on their way to coming true and the future is more exciting now than it has ever been.

We are so lucky to have worked with Caroline. Truly a miracle worker and an absolute joy to have as part of our team. Thank you so much for everything so far.

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Karen Staniland-Platt