Trina's Story


I spent 5 years dreaming about starting a business of an idea that I had in my head that seemed to grow all the time. It was just when I had finally decided to take the leap and leave my career of 15 years, which had served me so well but never left me feeling fulfilled that I was introduced to Caroline. The timing was perfect, she was exactly what I needed! The problem was I didn’t really know where to start and definitely underestimated the importance of mindset which I realise now is the foundation for everything in life. As soon as I spoke to Caroline I knew she was what I needed at a point when I felt quite alone and unsure of where to turn or what to do first. With a background in finance and business I had a strong sense of what I needed to do, it was the how that I was finding hard to overcome. Caroline gave me support, guidance and toolkit at a critical time in my business start up journey that I believe has helped me gain momentum and set up me up for a successful future.

I was concerned about the investment as I had never done anything like this before and most definitely did not see the full value in the mindset work; I was so wrong! I had totally underestimated how much my mindset needed reinforcing and how I needed tools to deal with each step and challenge a start up business involves facing and overcoming. Caroline gave me this and literally helped with so much baggage I didn’t even realise was affecting the way I was approaching my business start up. It has been transformational in so many ways for me as a person and as a professional business woman starting a business.

Caroline is incredibly intuitive and has a way of seeing everything through simplified vision. She can identify the root cause to a problem, break it down and establish steps to a solution. All articulated in a way that makes it seem so simple! She has an energy that is encouraging and motivating and works very hard with her clients, completely understanding both the needs of you as an individual and your business. She will deal with any issue you come up with and help you through any challenge.

The course is well laid out and whilst it gives you an incredible amount of momentum across the full breadth of what is involved in starting or developing a business. The toolkit that you are provided with is something that I know I will return to time and time again in the future. There is a huge amount of content and it really helps you focus and prioritise on doing rather than perfection.

The course structure works really well and allows you get support of experts but also see what other people are doing and join each other on the journey, for me this was incredibly enlightening, that we all have challenges and no one has all the answers but it is how you work through the issues you face that will define you.

Absolutely loved it, this course changed me as a person and my life and views on it in a very unexpected way. I have had comments from friends and family as to the visible positive effect that the time spent doing this course. I am calmer, more focused and undoubtedly fixed on the success my business will have.

I never doubted I’d made the right decision from the moment I committed to it. I don't think anybody can help you prepare, challenge and execute like Caroline, she is one in a million.

I feel well equipped to be able to handle the challenging road of business start up ahead.

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Karen Staniland-Platt