Kate's Story


Caroline’s coaching changed my life!

Being a part of the Fear to Founder program has been absolutely life changing for me! I had my doubts initially (which is probably why I was the ideal candidate for this really!) but I can't describe the difference it has had to my mindset and whole approach to life. Working with Caroline has helped me tackle so many blocks and issues that I've had for years and it has helped me open up to a world of opportunity and possibility, that I didn't think existed!

The course is so supportive and engaging that it doesn't even feel like hard work - the content is really enjoyable, the group calls are so full of positive energy and Caroline is an absolute dream to work with. I have taken on board so many tools, techniques and advice that has really given me the confidence to get my business up and running, and I'm so excited for what the future holds!

Thank you Caroline, you have helped me get my 'glow' back xxx

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Karen Staniland-Platt