Karen's Story


Before starting the course I had been running a successful business for a few years but it and life in general really wasn’t making me happy. I was just getting by. I’d lost direction, lost focus and didn’t really know what I wanted to be doing or why anymore.

Since completing the Fear to Founder programme with Caroline I cannot believe how much life has changed and in such a short amount of time. I have dealt with blocks from my past, that I didn’t even know were there. I've gained heaps of self confidence and I am genuinely excited about my future. Caroline is simply amazing. She has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what’s holding you back before you do! With her encouragement and support I know I’m going to finally realise my dreams, in fact I already am, living a life on my terms with a real sense of purpose and a clarity about my future that simply didn’t exist before.

For anyone who is wondering whether they should work with Caroline, the only answer is YES YES YES!

Karen Staniland-Platt