Alison's Story


I initially rang Caroline on a hunch. As a fledgling coach I wanted to work with someone who could help me get to grips with the remaining blocks I needed to work on in order to become successful and make a difference. I was not disappointed! In our initial call I felt an uncanny connection with Caroline from the off, thanks to her easy-going style and ability to tune into what's really going on. Caroline encouraged me to join her 6-month Mastermind, and I am so grateful I did. The combination of fortnightly coaching calls with a small group of amazing women, together with monthly 1:1's with Caroline meant I really focussed on my business and what I'm here to do. Caroline supported, encouraged, gently challenged and hugely motivated me to get out there and do what I'm good at. I can categorically say that I am a better version of myself because of her skilled support and teaching, and that I will be eternally glad that I met her. If you're thinking of signing up to one of Caroline's courses I strongly recommend you do - you won't regret it!

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Karen Staniland-Platt