I sometimes joke that Caroline might be controlling the universe. The results are remarkable.

Sometimes we all need some time out of our lives to take stock, reset and to work out what we want our future to look like. This retreat is going to do that & more, this is an opportunity for you to learn about your soul, your true calling, the universe & how to connect to spirit & source. How to channel & apply the magic of the Universe to create true abundance in all senses of the word.

This 3 day coaching retreat at a luxury house in The Peak District will re-educate you into the wholeness of soul and 10 of you are invited to be part of the magic.

For a while I have been feeling drawn to share what I know and to fully own my role as teacher and guide so that I can pass on my knowledge in order that you can do the same for others. My Soul Circle program sold out quickly & I have been drawn to serve more of you through an in person 3 Day Soul Circle retreat. We will be kicking off a ‘4 numerology’ year with a retreat honouring our souls.

I am looking for 10 open, soul filled, engaged, kind, lovely women with great senses of humour and a desire to learn as much as they can about the spiritual world, to transform their lives and then the lives of others.

During the retreat I am going to be tapping into you so that I can raise your vibration, unlock your potential, heal you, guide you, open you up and get you to re-connect to the wholeness of your soul. I am going to be channeling my gifts of being able to feel, hear and see parts of your soul that are calling for you to move forwards and then we are going to take action to get you to re-connect to the very essence of you.

This is my most spiritually led, magic filled and divinely taught retreat and 10 of you are invited to be part of it.

This is a retreat like no other… you will be getting a total soul, mind and spirit makeover and access to my coaching, teaching and healing for 3 days. Plus daily walks, yoga, group coaching, journalling and a professional chef catering nutritious, healthy food. What’s more you will have your own room so you can spend some time reflecting on everything we have learnt.

I know the results I am capable of getting in one hour so this retreat is going to be totally mind blowing.

The retreat is running January 17-19th 2020.

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I don't believe there is a co-incidence why I have found my way to you. Things often appear when we are ready for them.

Having spent 14 years working for a global management consultancy in London I wore a cloak of many things I was not for years. Although it served me well with career progression I was left feeling empty, lost, anxious & full of self-critical beliefs. It was a universal gift in the form of being emotionally, physically & spiritually broke & signed off from work that life transformed for me.

I have since gone on to resign, build a successful coaching business & allowed my spiritual gift to shine. I have transformed my life & the life of my clients. The reason? I have implemented & used all the techniques that I will teach you as part of the retreat.

I use the practical, logical, strategic part of my brain [from my corporate background] and let it implement what my soul tells me your soul needs. It's spirituality meets getting some serious stuff done. It's an intuition led way of coaching & it gets epic results.

We let the soul & not the ego lead & that is when it makes all the difference.

During this retreat we are going to be working intensively to make sure that all parts of your mind, body and soul are nourished. I will be working with you to remove any blocks, heal parts of you that have been crying out for it for years, shift any resistance you have to living a new life, and be teaching you what you need to apply when you get home. Plus you will be getting access to me for 3 days so that I can spiritually guide you into a place of alignment with the Universe.

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What is included?

Using my clairsentient abilities, we are going to tap into the real you [behind the conditioning] & uncover what you need to get you into alignment with the Universe. We are going to be changing your vibration to one of trust & flow & I will be teaching you how to become more in tune with the support of the universe.

The retreat will cover:

Session 1:

Moon cycles & working with the moon, New & Full moon practices, Manifesting, Crystals, Tarot Card reading, Group meditation, Sharing our stories

Session 2:

Connecting to self & source over ego, shifting your resistance, energetic uplevelling, inner power, healing, digging deep, old conditioning, fear over love, removing blocks, understanding your subconscious, money & abundance

Session 3:

The magic of the universe, how to tap into it, how to manifest, creative visualisation, using crystals, setting intentions for 2020, vision boards, giving your soul a voice, making changes in your life

Session 4:

Deepening your connection with the universe, co-creating over controlling, creative plain over the competitive one, working with empathy, personal boundaries, how to energetically shift, using your intuition & understanding energy & chakras

Session 5:

Working with your spiritual gifts, numbers, guides & serving others, what the year 2020 represents and how to work with it, signs & syncronicity, creating a year of change, selfless service, impacting others, evaluating our true path, reflecting on lessons learnt, moving forwards


+ A morning yoga class

+Nourishing food with a professional chef

+A countryside walk

+Time to reflect, journal, take time out in your own room

+ Guided exercises & meditation from me

+ Bespoke affirmations

+ A soul, money, core belief makeover and subconscious re-programming [the key thing to do for lasting change]

+ A clearance of all your old self limiting beliefs about you, the world, relationships, money, past hurts so you can connect back to you and live a happier & more fulfilled life

+ Clearing blockages & energetically up levelling so you can start manifesting and living the life you really want [I will teach you the magic to do so]

+ Tools to run your life so you are mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually abundant

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Have you been aware that you are becoming more in tune with something greater than yourself? Are you starting to become more & more interested in the power of the universe and receptive to the magic that is out there? Do you feel compelled to learn more about the universe and are finding that feeling just keeps growing? Does this just feel right for you on a gut level & you don’t really know why? Do you have a desire at a soul level to connect back to the wholeness of your soul?

If you want to learn about spirituality, harnessing the power of the universe, up-levelling using source, separating ego and self, returning to your true soul’s essence then this is the retreat for you.

This could be for any of you who want to change direction, scale your business, start a business or who are approaching a new chapter in life. This is your opportunity to learn from me about how you can harness the power of the universe to transform your life.

During this soul circle I will teach you how to return home, to heal your connection to yourself and source. How to come back to your calling and your essence, to heal old wounds and move forwards, to show you how soul, intuition, empathy and your emotional guidance system and spirit team works. We will reconnect you to your instinct [so you can be guided by this incredible force]. I will tap into your energetic field and raise your vibration [as well as removing blocks that are in it’s way]. You will learn about the moon, money blocks, the power of words, how to help yourself and others move through ego resistance /old conditioning and how to work with signs, numbers, intuition.

Many of my clients joke that I am magical, witchy, able to help them manifest at an amazing frequency… learn how I do it and be part of this magical, inspiring, life changing and soul expanding Soul Circle Retreat.

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Situated in a stunning location close to Chatsworth and Bakewell, The Cattle Shed, Grindleford is converted from an old cattle shed and built to an exceptionally high standard. This rustic and contemporary luxury development provides a unique venue for you to enjoy the healing beauty of the Peak District.

The 11 beautifully appointed ensuite rooms and open plan lounge dining room with spectacular views across the Hope Valley, make it the perfect space for our retreat. You can relax in front of a real fire, eat nourishing food, relax in your room or find one of the cosy nooks to journal and work through your findings.

The early bird ALL INCLUSIVE cost of the Retreat is £1444

The retreat can be paid for via BACS or Credit Card

The results of working with Caroline are remarkable... I am crying with gratitude as I write this at how much she changed my life”