Your very own coach in a box. These specially curated exercises & products have been lovingly designed to bring your very own virtual coach into your home. 

Mail me my creation & visualisation box 

How do you set your goals? How do you attract what you want into your life? How can you start realising your dreams? 

This beautiful blue themed box will help you create and visualise exactly what you want into your life.

All boxes come with:

4 Coaching cards designed by an experienced certified coach. Each card will guide you through how to get more creation & visualisation into your life and cover themes such as life mapping, future mapping, vision boards & long & short term goal setting.

2 Affirmation cards

Beautiful 100% natural candle made of lime & mandarin. Lime is restorative & mandarin has been known to treat stress.

A crystal to help your energy

A hello day planner luxury pencil

A Hello Day Luxury Bound Notebook

A tea bag to be the perfect companion as you work through your exercises

Any boxes sent as a gift can include a hand written note

Please note: not all items in the photographs are included in the box, check listing above for details.

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